Detoxification: Dun dun dun!!

Ever heard of detox water? If you haven’t, it’s a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks or high-fructose fruit juices. Detox waters consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs chopped up and added to water. The water takes the flavor of the ingredients in it, as well as their health values. Our bodies need plenty of water to function properly, and drinking detox waters hydrate us with extra benefits. When your body is well hydrated, it helps flush out toxins in your blood, hence the name “Detox Water”. With less toxins, organs such as your liver or kidney, have an easier time functioning properly.

My personal favorite fruit in a detox water is watermelon. Its refreshingly sweet taste pairs well with nearly any other produce. Watermelon is an antiaging and hydrating fruit that can improve liver function. Its also delicious!

To me, you can never go wrong by adding a few cucumber slices to your detox water. Cucumbers have a mild, refreshing flavor making it a perfect addition to a delightful beverage. They are also a good source of vitamins B, C, and K. Cucumbers are also incredibly hydrating, which help with weight loss and digestion. They can also help lower cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.

A few juicy chunks of watermelon and some crisp cucumber slices marry well with the fresh taste of mint leaves. Mint soothes inflammation and indigestion, relieves nausea, and is the perfect, natural stimulant.

Lastly, a couple lime wedges in detox water always brighten up your palate. As a citrus fruit, it contains high levels of vitamin C. The high acidity makes lime juice helpful in clearing your excretory system.

Usually, my detox water contains these four ingredients, but you could always add different fruit and vegetables. Its extremely easy to experiment with different detox water recipes. For example; strawberry and basil, lemon and cayenne pepper, or even apple and cinnamon!

Here are some simple instructions for a DIY detox water:

First, grab a large container to make your detox water. I’m choosing a 56 ounce water bottle as the vessel for my beverage.Step 1

Then, gather all your ingredients together and chop them into bite size pieces. Be sure to wash your produce before adding it to your cup!
Step 2

Step 2 copyOnce all the fruits and vegetables are cubed, add them to the bottom of your cup

Then, add water all the way until the brim of the cup.step 3

Afterwards, place your detox water in the fridge overnight to let all the flavors marinate.

In the morning, you should have a flavorful and healthy detox water.Step 6


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