The Makeup of Makeup


What’s the deal with makeup? Why does it seem more prevalent in our society now, than ever before? Kids are starting to wear makeup at earlier ages, and people are applying more beauty products. I felt that it was time to explore the makeup of makeup. Lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, face powder, all of these cosmetic products are composed of the same main ingredients: waxes, oils, and pigments. So what is it that makes makeup valued by so many? Perhaps its the fact that makeup helps build self confidence. Or maybe its the way makeup allows people to express themselves, and feel comfortable in their own bodies.

We’ve all experienced that double-take moment when you see a young ten, maybe eleven or twelve year old girl, with a face full of makeup, wearing revealing clothing, and holding a fancy smartphone. Then you think to yourself, Why? Why lose your innocence so soon, rather than living out your childhood while you can? The truth is, as society progresses, more pressures are placed on growing children, and we feel the need to mature sooner than necessary.

So why do young adolescents begin to wear makeup so much earlier? Why do kids now, more than ever, feel the need to apply makeup to feel beautiful? Growing up hand in hand with these prevalent issues, I know from firsthand experience how hard it is to “fit in”. Using the term “fit in” makes me picture society as a puzzle; all the pieces coming together to create one, singular picture. We are all pieces of a puzzle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are all part of the same puzzle. Every girl wants to feel like they belong, to know that they are important and wanted. Therefore, the application of makeup boosts their self confidence and their hope of people liking them, gaining self-satisfaction, and most importantly, the feeling of acceptance.

Makeup is valuable to a wide variety of people: young girls, middle-aged women, and heck even my grandma loves makeup. Nowadays, makeup is also a useful material to those who have trouble expressing themselves all by their lonesome. Some find painting, music, or cooking as devices to explore their true selves. For others, makeup can be expressive in ways nothing else quite satisfies. If someone has blue hair and eyebrows, and wants to wear blue eyeshadow to match their color scheme? I’m all for that. Someone decides to shave off their eyebrows and draws them in instead? That’s their business. People judge a girl for wearing pink eyeliner? Her eyeliner, her decision. A boy wants to feel comfortable in his own body so he becomes a makeup guru? I fully support that. My point is, makeup can be demonstrative of someone’s personality and what they decide to put on their face is their decision only. Many people argue against men wearing makeup only because it is against society’s norms. To heck with society’s norms.


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