Top 10 Favorite Songs

I have decided to blog about something new today, therefore I compiled a list of my current top ten favorite songs. Music is such a great form of self-expression, and such a powerful source for art. I love music, as does 99.9% of the human population. I love all kinds of music— country, rock, musical theater, R&B, you name it. My room is full of CDs and my playlists are streaming hours worth of songs.  You could only imagine how hard it was to narrow it down to only ten.

10. You Know I’m No Good- Amy Winehouse

This song is one of Amy’s classic hits, it features the signature raspiness and spunk that Amy had in her voice. You could sense the passion that she had for her music. It truly was a tragedy that she died so young, however, her legacy lives on through her music.

9.Charlie Boy/Dead Sea- The Lumineers

Technically, this counts as two songs but it was an impossible task to pick between the two songs. The Lumineers are my all time favorite band. They are well-known for their song ¨Ho Hey¨ which became a top hit. “Charlie Boy” and “Dead Sea” are both soft, acoustic folk songs that are featured on their self-titled album.

8. Almost is Never Enough- Ariana Grande

The Princess of Pop made it into my top ten because of this song, which she sang with her boyfriend at the time, Nathan Sykes. This song differs from her usual, upbeat music, which makes it stand out between ¨Problem” or ¨Bang Bang. Unlike those songs, “Almost is Never Enough” has meaning and isn’t the typical pop music produced merely for popularity.

7. Little Do You Know- Alex and Sierra

Alex and Sierra made their debut on X-Factor, they competed together as a musical duo and they won season three. This song is the perfect duet for this couple to sing together, it is such a cute love song.

6. In a Week- Hozier

Hozier is my favorite new artist. His music speaks to me and I love everything about his songs. “In a Week” is my favorite song on his album because of the breathtaking harmonies between Hozier and Alana Henderson. Their voices blend together beautifully.

5. Drink with Me- The Cast of Les Miserables

If you know me, you know that I absolutely adore musical theater. I’ve tried reading Victor Hugo’s book, Les Miserables, but its just way too long. Its bigger than a dictionary. I would rather watch Hugo’s words come alive on stage or on screen. “Drink with Me” is a classic melody that my younger brother and I love to sing together.

Unknown-14. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables- Eddie Redmayne

This song is also in Les Miserables and yes, my brother and I sing this together also. Music just brings people together. “Empty Chair at Empty Tables” is sung after the male protagonist, Marius Pontmercy, discovers that his friends and brothers had been killed in the revolution. He sings with a heavy heart and incredible emotion, I caught the feels.

giphy3.Grand Optimist- City and Colour

This song doesn’t need much explanation, it has lovely lyrics and melody. This song deserves more praise than just two sentences, and I’m not just saying that because I’m lazy.

2. Rivers and Roads- The Head and the Heart

Rivers and Roads is a song I recently discovered and fell in love with. I love this kind of music, and the artists have such unique voices. My hearts melts listening to the lyrics about how life always moves on,  and how eventually people will come in and out of your life.

1. Unsteady- X Ambassadors

Finally, my #1 song! When I first heard this song, I immediately added their whole album onto my playlists and my phone. I’m obsessed with the X-Ambassadors, their music is edgy and different from the usual music I listen to. This song describes me in daily situations, unsteady.


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