Making ASB

ASB is short for associated student body. A group of hardworking and spirited students who dedicate their free time for the bettering of their school. Their goal is to make school as fun as possible for themselves, and their peers. My goal is to join them. I want to be able to plan all of our school assemblies, dances, events, etc. Recently, I applied for ASB, putting in extreme effort into my application. I included all my best qualities, what experience in leadership I’ve had, and reasons why I want to join ASB. I find out if I made ASB on May 15th, in the mean time I can only keep my fingers crossed.

My school’s ASB recruiting process is a little unorthodox. We don’t go through the normal, campaigning-election process. Instead, the ASB administrator picks out the best applications, and they go through interviews. If they make the cut after interviews, they are an official ASB member. This recruiting technique, however, it is not favored by everyone. My chemistry teacher, for example, is strongly against this interview process. He feels that it takes away from the voices of the students. Many agree with my teacher, they believe that the interviews give them no choice as to who represents them. On the other hand, some find the interview process more effective, stating that elections are merely a “popularity contest”. What do you think is more effective: campaign & elections or the interview process? The results of the poll are attached here.

Interview Comic Strip

Interview Comic Strip

Campaign Poster

Campaign Poster

I’m am so determined to make ASB. Personally, I see it as one of the best opportunities to demonstrate my leadership skill and school spirit. ASB members are the leaders of the school, and that’s what I aspire to be. A leader. Someone who sets goals and achieves them. Someone who others look up to. Someone who is an example of what it means to be successful. ASB will help build your skills of communication, leadership, work ethics, and more. These are skills that are crucial for the real world. The world outside of high school and college. The real world, where we all have jobs that require these skills to be successful. Being successful is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?


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