Building a Blog

Blogging was a totally new experience for me. It’s been filled with challenges- especially title selections and picking topics to write about. My favorite moment is when you’re writing an emotional piece, and your words get taken over by your emotion. Sentences start pouring onto your paper or your fingers begin furiously typing paragraphs upon paragraphs.

My blog has allowed me to express my opinion with or without the support of my audience. My writing is something that I fully stand behind, and something that I am proud of. I mean look at my theme, its perfection. Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.06.52 PM

Through blogging, I have learned how to creatively write. I feel as if I have learned more from blogging than I have from traditional (and boring) essays. My class gets the opportunity to touch upon subjects that are of our own choosing. We are not forced to read the novels that we are assigned in school, then reinterpret what we’ve read in our writings. I love this unorthodox style that my brilliant teacher has developed. The skills that I have developed from this unique method of teaching will be useful for my future. No real job requires essay writing skills, just adequate writing skills. The blogs have helped mature me as a writer, my writings have more depth and content than ever before. These acquired skills helped prepare me for real life.

My all-time favorite blog post is entitled, The Make Up of Makeup. Brilliant, I know. In this post, I overcame my two biggest obstacles: titles and topics. I chose an awesome topic, and I created an awesome title. This post was the most popular one on my blog, with fifteen likes and thirty-five views. The topic was so relatable allowing it to reach out to a wider audience. My goal was to allow anyone who is having trouble self image to know that people understand what they are going through, and that they are not alone in this crazy world.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.45.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.45.29 PM

Future bloggers, listen up. Never procrastinate. You will find it much more difficult to write quality pieces in such a short amount of time. When you are rushing, it’s hard to think straight and create sentences that flow well together. Trust me, I have learned from experience.

To Mr. Theriault, I love the blogs. They are such a unique device for teaching and hopefully next year I have you again, so I can continue blogging. My only suggestion is to have more specialized lessons along with the ones you already have (integrate a quote, focusing on images, etc.) I appreciate the freedoms you allow us to have while picking our own topic, but I feel like some blogs are off-topic and unreliable to school. Overall, a great experience.


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