The Story of My Learning: BRAWL

The Brawls were easily my favorite activity that we did in class this year. Head to head debates on real-life questions that create in-depth responses, so awesome. My group was called the Baller Brawlers, and the name suit us appropriately. My partners; Andrew and Miranda were so hardworking, and they killed it in the brawls. We had excellent teamwork, Andrew and Miranda prepared answers for the questions, while I created the evidence or props that we would need to make our responses strong. I made two google slide presentations with pictures, gifs, and videos to support what my partners had stated in their answers. I was also in change of our team twitter, @ballerbrawlers.


I also responded in the canvas discussion because I wanted to further back up Andrew and Miranda’s answers. I argued with my classmate, Calvin, because we had opposing opinions. I couldn’t let a rival group get away with that!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.02.06 PM

As we developed questions and answers for the brawl, we were sure to integrate quotes from “All Quiet on the Western Front” to create specific responses. We used specific war stories that Paul Baumer had told in the book as evidence and the details helped to create more arguments against the team we were battling. The Baller Brawlers also made many connections to the outside world. For example, we joined the global conversation via twitter. We reached out to many other teams, and our teacher, and also publicly expressed our opinion on the novel/debates. We also included  daily updates on our efforts for the brawls. One of the competing teams, the Battleships stated that we were their strongest competition. They weren’t wrong.


My favorite moment during the brawls was the final round. The two teams with the highest scores, the Giraffe Guys and the Battleships had their final duel. The question debated issues with war; will it always be necessary? My classmate, Ally (on the Giraffe Guys) is such a great speaker and she nailed it on her answer. At first, I believed that because war has been in existence as long as humans have, there was no way the world would find war to be unnecessary. However, her words moved me and made me look upon this subject with a different perspective. My teacher quoted her statement: “War will always be an option, but it doesn’t have to be a necessity.” Love it.



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