Innovation Project

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After hearing about the newly assigned innovation project, we had flash of geniusness. We decided to make care packages! We knew many other groups would have similar ideas, so we just had to make sure our project was better. We created a work schedule from May 11th – June 5th, which involved raising money, buying the supplies, and making the actual packages.

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We promoted our project and spread the idea of “Helping Hands and Packaged Love” through social media sites such as Twitter. We aimed to bring attention and draw interest towards our idea to raise money. Our twitter name was @PackagedL, we followed many of our friends to get more support on our project. We now have over five followers!

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Several days after planning and promoting our project, we went to Target with a budget of around sixty-five dollars. At Target, we looked for the all of the supplies we had previously decided on buying. With our budget, we bought different kinds of toiletries along with various snacks and foods. All of the supplies were brought home and placed into individual packages. Working together, we put all of the supplies into plastic bags, along with a handwritten note.

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After finding a local charity center, we loaded the packages into our cars and brought them to the shelter. We dropped off the packages along with some canned foods we also bought. The charity we delivered our packages to was the Orange County Interfaith Shelter.

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We learned many things through the innovation project. The three biggest things taken from the project were money management, vlogging, and the importance of giving back to the community. All year, we were taught skills that would help us in the real world and every learning concept was applied to the global conversation. Money management helped us learn a real world skill, as it is an important aspect that will help us as we grow up. The money part of the project also came from the idea of the global conversation. We raised money in an attempt to aid the worldwide problem of poverty and people who were less fortunate. This project helped us develop a skill that can be applied our lives. Throughout the school year, we frequently wrote blog posts. We decided to try out something new and similar to that idea—vlogging. A vlog is essentially a video blog. It has all the aspects of a blog except that it is in the form of video and audio. It was a great, new experience that was similar to the experience of blogging.

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