Brain Fuel

Hello everyone! This is a new page I’ve created to share all the lovely books, articles, magazines, comic books, etc. that I’ve been reading! It’s a brand new year, which means brand new knowledge. I’ve expanded my knowledge and made an effort to read more to improve my writing abilities! Not to worry, no spoilers will be included.

My first book of the year is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. It is an extremely emotional piece, that may cause some tears to be shed. “Fences like this exist all over the world. We hope you never have to encounter one.” My new favorite quote! This novel was also made into a movie in 2008!  — February 4thPhoto on 2-5-15 at 9.26 PM

My next book is The Face on the Milk Carton, by Caroline B. Cooney. Personally, I loved hearing the story behind what actually inspired the author to write this particular story! Cooney states that she saw a missing child poster for someone who has been missing for over fifteen years. Obviously, everyone grows up and changes after fifteen years. Then, Cooney had a realization; the only person who could actually recognize the child in the poster, would be the child themself. The Face on the Milk Carton is a suspense novel that is incredibly intriguing; it features a girl named Janie Johnson who is just around my age. Since we are both teenagers dealing with high school issues, her problems were often relatable. Aside from the fact that she was kidnapped when she was just three years old! The novel describes her adventures to find out her true past. — February 12th

Photo on 2-11-15 at 6.06 PM #3

Soon after I read The Face on the Milk Carton, I started to read the sequel. Its called Whatever Happened to Janie? I only read this book for a week or two, but found myself to be bored with the content. Then, I decided to go to Barnes & Nobles and buy Flowers in the Attic, which is the first book in the Dollanganger Series by V.A. Andrews. Orignally, I heard about this novel through my guilty pleasure, the TV series Gossip Girl. This may seem like an awkward place to receive a book recommendation, however I enjoy the gothic horror genre and I’m glad to have stumbled upon this novel. I purchased the whole series so I should be pretty occupied with my reading for awhile. — March 4th

Flowers in the Attic is one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. The plot is so unique and surprising, it was hard to put it down! SSR is only fifteen minutes, but I wish I could read this book for hours. This book is definitely not for everyone, I suppose it would only interest a more mature audience. Luckily for me, the fun of reading Flowers in the Attic doesn’t have to end, its part of a five book series! So I continued on to the sequel, Petals on the Wind. This story follows the surviving Dollanganger children as they escape the horrors of the attic and try to restart their lives. They have all matured and endured horrid abuse by their mother and grandmother. The death of their baby brother and the backstabbing plans of their mother has changed them for the better. -April 4th

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the Buzzfeed app. They share plenty of articles, DIYs, recipes, videos etc. I read at least 3 articles or recipes a day before I go to bed, my favorites include:

Buzzfeed also includes many other articles on world-wide issues, entertainment, and politics. I think I’ve spent a little too much time scrolling down Buzzfeed articles this semester. -April 22nd





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